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What to Consider When Deciding Roof Shingle Replacement In Chicago?

What to Consider When Deciding Roof Shingle Replacement In Chicago?

M&T Exteriors understands the value, process, and concerns that homeowners face when choosing to replace their roofs or roof shingle in Chicago. The wet, cold weather tests the durability of homeowner’s roofs year-round. Our ultimate recommendation is to practice routine preventative maintenance to ensure the longevity of your home’s most valuable asset.

Preventative maintenance starts with having your roof checked routinely for damage from the elements. Reviews of the roof should identify torn shingles, worn patches in the roof, or loose shingles. Opting to repair these sections of the roof as they start to deteriorate can aid homeowner’s in minimizing the costs of roofing repairs.

There are five key factors to consider when weighing whether you want to opt for a roofing repair or replacement. The age of the roof, presence of leaks, presence of damage, geographic location, and cost are all key considerations. Looking at these elements in relationship to one another can provide you with a more comprehensive picture in your decision-making process. Consider a home in Chicago, after a particularly rainy spring where you have found several leaks throughout the home with each new rain. When you purchased the home, the roof was already 17 years old and looking worn. You could opt to repair sections, but the long-term cost is going to exceed the immediate cost of moving directly to a full-scale replacement.  

For instance, asphalt shingles are a commonly used roofing material in Chicago. On average a asphalt shingle roof costs upwards of $8,000 or more. The average asphalt shingle roof lasts about 20 years with the proper preventative maintenance. On the other hand, a cedar shingle roof can cost upwards of $16,5000 or more and can last up to 50 years or longer. Understanding the cost, maintenance requirements, and frequency of care are key variables that influence materials selected for a homeowner’s roof. 

At M&T Exteriors roofing company in Chicago we understand that every homeowner wants to get the best value at the most affordable price. We believe this is accomplished by ensuring that you receive the most return on your investment by providing you with roofing choices that meet your lifestyle, location, and budgetary needs. By scheduling an estimate with one of our team members, you will receive quality treatment throughout your project.

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We will come to your home and discuss your options for materials, providing a recommendation best suited for your budget and lifestyle needs. We consider your ability to keep your roof free of debris with a minimal amount of ongoing maintenance needs. While maintaining a pleasant aesthetic look to your exterior and complimenting the visual impact your home has on the surrounding area. We will answer your questions throughout the process and provide progress reports through delivery of the finalized installation.

Why Choose M&T Exteriors for Roof Shingle Replacement?

When you are faced with roofing choices such as roof shingle replacement or repair, attic insulation etc, reach out to M&T Exteriors for solutions that are affordable, durable, and maintainable. Contact one of our roofing contractor today by calling our West Chicago office at 331-240-2911 or submitting a proposal request from our webpage. Let M&T Exteriors present you with your roofing solution!


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