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What to Consider When Deciding Roof Shingle Replacement In Chicago?

M&T Exteriors understands the value, process, and concerns that homeowners face when choosing to replace their roofs or roof shingle in Chicago. The wet, cold weather tests the durability of homeowner’s roofs year-round. Our ultimate recommendation is to practice routine preventative maintenance to ensure the longevity of your home’s most valuable asset. Preventative maintenance starts…
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Why You Need to Make a Roof Inspection Part of Your Winterization Plan

As temperatures drop and the seasons transition, many people start preparing for winter by shutting off sprinklers, making sure they have winter tires on their vehicles, and cover drafty windows. As you’re winterizing, consider adding a roof inspection to the list.  Summer weather with excessive heat, high winds and punishing storms can put a lot…
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Keeping that Roof Over Your Head Up to Code

Roof codes change. To ensure the latest technology, materials, and safety methods are being utilized, building codes are updated every three years by the International Code Council (ICC). As Jason Wilen indicates in his article, Keeping an eye on I-Codes: Part One, the last occurrence was in 2018. We at M&T Exteriors, Inc. always strive…
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