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Commercial Roofing Chicago

Our Commercial Roofers in Chicago Perform a Number of Services for Commercial Buildings

Commercial Roof Replacement

Most commercial buildings are housing specific items that need climate control. In those cases our architectural design team can specify your roof with the correct vapor barriers and insulation to meet that climate control need. Our commercial roofer Chicago are specialized in EPDM, TPO and Modified roof systems.

Roof Maintenance

Proper roof maintenance can help keep down the unexpected expenses on a roof leak before it turns into a major expense. This also keeps you aware of the conditions and life expectancy of your roof for future replacement, allowing time to budget for such a large expense. We offer annual or bi-annual roof maintenance to keep your business intact. Contact us for commercial roofing Chicago today.

Roof Coating & Repairs

Our commercial roofers Chicago staff has the experience to locate those hard to find leaks that are hurting your building. M&T Exteriors being one of the leading roofing companies in Chicago is here to help you with the problem at hand. We use the same materials as the existing roof to keep any warranty you may have in place. In an emergency we can install a temporary patch to keep you operating till a permanent repair can be applied.

Roof Coating

Infrared Imaging

Thermal Imaging allows you to find areas of the roof that are wet and losing stability and R-Value. After the areas are identified they can be sectioned out and replaced. Thermal Imaging is required by most manufacturers when completing an overlay to an existing roof or a roof restoration. At M&T Exteriors, our commercial roofing contractor Chicago can offer thermal imaging services prior to providing you or your Association with a free estimate for the upcoming roof restoration project.

Roof Maintenance is Extremely Important

Keeping up with normal roof maintenance can extend the life of your roof and prepare you for when it is time to do a replacement. This will help to avoid an unexpected large cost to replace your roof.

Signs of a Failing Roof

There comes a time when every roof reaches the end of its life expectancy. Here are some signs to look for on your roof to help evaluate if it is time to call in a commercial roofer in Chicago

Modified Membrane

Modified Membrane Roofing as it ages becomes brittle and starts to crack allowing water infiltration. On a temporary basis this can be sealed using what is called, three course. Three course is a base layer of roof cement, one layer of roofing fabric, and then another top layer of roof cement. Other areas of concern are the field seams that can start separating causing fish mouths, again this will allow water to penetrate the roof system.

Modified Membrane

BUR- Built Up Roofing

Blisters are a normal part of aging and can be repaired with maintenance. But as time goes on the asphalt starts to dry out and becomes brittle causing areas of the roof to start cracking, creating an opening in the roof system. Coatings can sometimes prolong the life of the roof but it would be wise to start planning for a new roof.

EPDM (Rubber)- Commercial Roofing Chicago

The two main things to watch out for on a EPDM roof are seam failure and multiple punchers from shaling river rock. The older EPDM seams were glued together the same as if you were patching your bikes inner tube and after time the glue starts to fail allowing the seams and flashings to separate. On ballasted EPDM the larger river rock, after exposure to the weather eliminates, start to crack and break into sharp pieces causing punctures to the material. This process is called shaling.

Above Are few Signs of a Failing Roof and you must hire a commercial roofer in Chicago for repair them.

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