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Preventative Services

Preventative Roof Maintenance (PRM)

We have a full service staff to keep your roof leak free so your business can keep running smooth. If it is an emergency, no problem, we offer 24 hour emergency residential or commercial roofing service to help reduce damage and potential loss of valuable equipment or files.

We often recommend bi-annual roof maintenance so one doesn’t have unexpected large expenses for their roof. Roof maintenance can also extend the life of your roof allowing you to receive the full value of your initial investment. In most cases, roof maintenance consists of removing any debris that has accumulated on the roof that could cause drains to be clogged. Also penetrations are inspected and resealed to prevent future detrimental damages. Minor patches to your roof can also be installed at that time. At the end of the inspection/repairs made, a photo report is provided for your records. When a problem is found beyond the scope of work, a detailed proposal will be submitted for your consideration and review. With spring storms, heat in the summer and harsh winters, M&T Exteriors, roofing company in Chicago can solve any problem your roof might encounter (For example; hail damage, curled or torn off shingles, and leaks from ice damming). These issues are no problem for M&T Exteriors! Contact Us Today!

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