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Residential Services

Roof Repairs

M&T Exteriors has a full service staff with trained professionals that will evaluate your roofs specific problem and supply you with an effective solution to fit any budget. We also inform you if we see any future problems you should be made aware of. With spring storms, hot summers and the coldest of winters ahead, M&T Exteriors can be in front of major issues that may arise from the harsh weather. We understand your home is your pride and joy and for most clients, your biggest investment. We take special care to cover plants and vegetation during repairs. Also, we set up plywood safely against the side elevations as a guard for falling debris. At the end of each day all scrap is removed and a nail broom is ran across the yard to pick up any stray nails.

Roof Maintenance

Making sure your residential roof is sound and secure is incredibly important for the safety and well being of your family, however many homeowners often neglect their roof maintenance until it is too late and the cost to replace your roofing system is much more than expected. Like everything in your home, your roof requires periodic maintenance. If you haven’t had your roof inspected recently, we would recommend you do so. Maintaining your roof is a low-cost way of ensuring that you, your family and your belongings stay safe.

Roof Replacement

Time for a new roof? Give us a call. We are certified installers of most major residential roofing brands. Just installing a new roof is not always the best answer, there can potentially be underlying issues causing havoc to your home. For example, unbalanced ventilation causes air to be stagnant allowing heat and moisture to build up. Heat buildup in the summer does not allow the roof to cool down at night which may shorten the life expectancy of your new roof and will void the warranty. This condition can also dry out the plywood decking, known as dry rot. In the winter, snow build up can cause ice damming and also mold to form from condensation.
From the beginning we check to make sure that you have a well balanced ventilation system and your roof lives to its fullest potential. Here at M&T Exteriors we want to leave you with a happy, healthy home.

*GAF Certified Roofer
*Our roofing earns high ratings
*Exceeding industry standards for roof installations
*Full guarantee from start to finish
*Full cleanup after installation
*Gorgeous architectural options available
*Attractive economy options available
*Storm damage repair


It’s the middle of the night, it is storming, and your roof starts to leak into your ceiling. To keep from losing your entire ceiling poke a small hole through the drywall to let it drain and to keep it from spreading and saturating the entire ceiling.